« Le Séchoir 2018 » is a video excerpt from the live electronic music performance of Sébastien at « Le Séchoir » gallery in Mulhouse – France, in May 2018.

Date and time of the performance
May 26, 2018 – 17:30

Sébastien (electronic, saxophone)


Le Séchoir, Mulhouse – France

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Audio recording and mastering
Sébastien Muller

Video title
Le Séchoir 2018

Video excerpt duration

Video editing and production
Sébastien Muller

Copyright Holder
Sébastien Muller


Sound performance at the Séchoir

Invitation to a sound travel with Sébastien at the Séchoir, during the open doors. Behind his erased air, he delivered a real electro-actoustic performance, since the artist from Strasbourg has created a live music fed with textures, electronica, and long atmospheric drones for a singular and hypnotic sound trip between acoustic and electro.

Invitation à un voyage sonore lors des ateliers ouverts au Séchoir, avec Sébastien, qui, derrière son air effacé, a livré une véritable performance électro-actoustique, puisque l’artiste strasbourgeois a créé en live une musique nourrie de textures, d’electronica, de longues nappes atmosphériques pour un trip sonore singulier et hypnotique entre acoustique et électro.

June 7, 2018

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Le Séchoir / Live

« Le Séchoir / Live » is the first Sébastien’s solo album, recorded live during the performance at « Le Séchoir », Mai 2018.

For more information, see also the shop page: Le Séchoir / Live


During the performance

2018-05-26 Le Séchoir Mulhouse 7
2018-05-26 Le Séchoir Mulhouse 2


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